Fall Back

The fall season is officially in-play as of today and before I get to the fashion, I’d like to wish everyone the best of luck for the school year ahead. It’s our job to MAXIMIZE the blessing of having the opportunity to educate ourselves and inch a little bit closer to our future aspirations daily at all levels. One of my favourite lines has always been “luck is a by-product of hard work” and for many of those who see their future as a big question mark, it’s important to remember that through maximizing our talent/abilities daily, all falls into place beautifully. Now here’s a preview of this years FW18 flow.

Half sleeve plaid, loose-fit cargos, and a pair of YEEZY 500s. This is one of my favourite combos to date as it not only serves a trendy theme, but comfortable at the same time. You can expect to see some parts of this particular fit being integrated with some more fall season flow.


Aubrey & The Three Migos Tour

The Aubrey & The Three Migos tour was one to remember as expected. I was fortunate enough to attend both nights and witness a hometown legend along with the hottest group in music today.

My second day look featured an NBA x Supreme collaboration Nike jersey with a pair of loose fit cargo pants and “Swoosh Pack” Nike Air Force 1’s.


Quavo Huncho.

10 year October’s Very Own anniversary jerseys.

My first day look featured a pair of Retro Air Jordan OVO 8’s to go with an OVO jersey and shorts set.

Daily Summer Flow

Aside from the flashy street or formal wear, here’s a glimpse of my everyday style approach to the summer time.


BD for North Wears. There couldn’t be a better time to pick up a retro Puma windbreaker with the brand making all sorts of headlines in the fashion and sports world this year. I was able to add this retro piece from the @northwears online shop via Instagram.

The Explorer


It’s always nice to get an opportunity to explore around the province for a change of scenery with some free time. Last week I did just that over at Niagara-on-the-Lake with a visit to Two Sisters Vineyard.


As for my outfit, I went with a basic summer look that you can give the green light to at almost any time of the season when heading out. Cream white curved hem tee, black washed denim shorts, with a pair of black slip on vans (as seen in previous S18 posts), and a watch. Just simple and on point.


Birthday Cap



The big 2 0. My life has been quite the journey thus far from major setbacks, to a change of dreams, and most importantly to break throughs. The one thing that has stuck by me over the last few years is the ability to adapt. No matter how much preparation, no matter how hopeful, and no matter how careful, you never truly know how life may come striking at you at the most unexpected times. Adapting for me has been the ability to absorb the “hit” that life serves from time to time, while breaking through stronger, faster, smarter, and wiser than ever during that process.




This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to celebrate my birthday over at Pick6ix! A striped shirt, cropped jeans, and a pair of Vans were all that was needed for this memorable day. I accessorized the outfit with a pair of specs, a watch, and a couple gold chains.




A special thank you to all my family who attended and made the night possible!




Summer is officially here and with that being said, I wanted to share my first look for the season from this past weekend.

You can never go wrong with a short sleeve button-up shirt in the summer time. I paired the shirt with black denim shorts and black slip-on vans to compliment the navy while being comfortable which is always a bonus when dressing to head out. I accessorized the outfit with a pair of blue tinted sun glasses and a watch to add to the street vibe.

As you can see I went for more of a casual summer look on this particular day, but plain coloured short sleeve shirts can also be dressed up depending on occasion as I’ve shown at the end of the first SS18 post.




I have never come across a more relatable tweet over the years. This is simply because I view myself as someone who is willing to take a step out of the “norm” and stand for what I truly do believe in rather than picking up on negative things to “fit in” and setting myself back as an individual. The truth is, we can all search and find some sort of negative component from anybody out there no matter who it may be and use that as an excuse for our own negative actions or beliefs. Instead, you can simply flip that approach and challenge yourself to search for the good in any individual and apply it your own life to further advance. As simple as it sounds, it’s quite rare due to many people imprisoning  their own minds and thinking they are entitled to certain lifestyles. Set free and keep pushing.