BD’s SS18

Welcome to BD’s SS18. This is a feature that I will continue to expand on as we progress through the spring/summer and will showcase my versatile approach to some warm weather this year.


Spring flow. With some inconsistent weather during the start of this spring season, it was a no-brainer to utilize one of my favourite transitional jackets, the leather biker jacket. As seen in a previous post from the winter time, the possibilities are endless with this jacket regardless of season as long as you style it correctly.

The jacket was worn with a knit sweater to compliment the leather, a pair of black washed distressed denim, and a classic black pair of Chelsea boots. I accessorized this outfit with a pair of specs and a watch to compliment the look just the right amount. Accessories can either make or break an entire look and for men in particular, it is important to know when things can begin to fall off (unless you’re one of the three Migos of course).


A quick snap at Pick6ix.



Most recently..


At a recent photoshoot with my sister, I showcased one of my favourite spring/summer looks thus far. A short sleeve slim fit dress shirt, slim black dress pants, and a pair of black loafers.

Giving you a little upscale vibe, this outfit makes for a great look on any given night out during the season. Once again, accessories can be hit or miss regardless of name brands! This outfit was accessorized with a watch and belt to compliment the top and bottoms which completed the look.


Stay tuned for more on the way.


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