Vibrant, loud, crazy, or however you want to put it. As I’ve previously said, fashion is one of my favourite ways to express myself without actually verbally speaking. For someone like myself who constantly searches for ways to grow in different aspects of life whether it’d be mentally or physically, fashion serves as an outlet for me to express that growth in a variety of ways.

No matter how “loud” or “abstract” something may seem, it’s about finding happiness through your decisions whether it’s clothing you wear or just your overall perception of life without the fear of opinions. Through this post I not only showcase my latest fashion moves, but also a growing character through the fashion that is inspired by some of today’s greatest.

A comfortable mind will lack long-term growth. I apply this idea to every single day I live.


As many will claim they are not fans of the entire “dad sneaker” trend, it was only right that I took on the Yeezy approach to it with a pair of the “YEEZY 500”. Personally, I think the “bulky” sneakers are a great look for just about any given day and are an alternative to your daily casually worn shoes as the possibilities with these are endless.




Supreme x Lacoste 2018. The very trendy waist bag has made for a great “on the go” accessory. My bottoms are a pair of black vintage Champion joggers to compliment the “safety yellow” t-shirt which was purchased for no more than $10 at a local superstore. Great finds can be made anywhere regardless of the location or price tag as long as you let go of the ego which will allow for a more clear and creative perspective on things.





Thank you and stay tuned for more as I showcase my journey. -BD

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