Summer is officially here and with that being said, I wanted to share my first look for the season from this past weekend.

You can never go wrong with a short sleeve button-up shirt in the summer time. I paired the shirt with black denim shorts and black slip-on vans to compliment the navy while being comfortable which is always a bonus when dressing to head out. I accessorized the outfit with a pair of blue tinted sun glasses and a watch to add to the street vibe.

As you can see I went for more of a casual summer look on this particular day, but plain coloured short sleeve shirts can also be dressed up depending on occasion as I’ve shown at the end of the first SS18 post.




I have never come across a more relatable tweet over the years. This is simply because I view myself as someone who is willing to take a step out of the “norm” and stand for what I truly do believe in rather than picking up on negative things to “fit in” and setting myself back as an individual. The truth is, we can all search and find some sort of negative component from anybody out there no matter who it may be and use that as an excuse for our own negative actions or beliefs. Instead, you can simply flip that approach and challenge yourself to search for the good in any individual and apply it your own life to further advance. As simple as it sounds, it’s quite rare due to many people imprisoning  their own minds and thinking they are entitled to certain lifestyles. Set free and keep pushing.



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