Daily Summer Flow

Aside from the flashy street or formal wear, here’s a glimpse of my everyday style approach to the summer time.


BD for North Wears. There couldn’t be a better time to pick up a retro Puma windbreaker with the brand making all sorts of headlines in the fashion and sports world this year. I was able to add this retro piece from the @northwears online shop via Instagram.



As a continuation of my previous post (SS18 II), this is the “HYPE BEAST FLOW”. Hard to miss at just about any time of the day, the rose gold Supreme x The North Face metallic parka was one of the most sought after Supreme collaborations that have dropped in 2018 thus far.

The “base” of this entire outfit was showcased in the previous post (from the sneakers, joggers, socks, and t-shirt). It was a no-brainer to throw on a flashy parka with the outfit due to the basics allowing for versatility with colour choice and according to any possible weather changes during the spring/summer. Aside from the hype, the Supreme x TNF parka makes for a great transitional jacket that can be utilized as we make it further down the year as well during the fall/winter.





I’m going to step away from the fashion/hype talk for just a moment and share an interesting perspective on a common theme which exists on a daily basis. Over the years, I’ve noticed that many individuals feel a certain level of competition amongst each other which leads to nothing more than mental barriers being created. I say “mental barriers” due to the fact that many people are so focused on gaining that competitive edge on another person that it only caps their own happiness and success. There are many who will see others as a threat to themselves and flood their own minds with nothing but negativity.

The point here is, every individual looks to utilize their abilities in some shape or form whether its through work, academically, or interests they may have, and there will always be someone or something to measure up to. We live in quite a closed world of our own and when you view things on a more broad-scale, the amount of real-world competition is countless no matter which field you’re aiming to make your mark in. Often misunderstood, but the only way forward is to genuinely support and love one another and fuel off of each other’s successes no matter what people are hoping to accomplish. Once people are ready to release themselves from these self-created barriers, they will begin to see things with a clear eye view and realize the only competition in life is yourself.

Personally, I’m more than aware of the negativity that comes along with putting myself out as a “blogger”, but whether reactions are positive or negative, I view it all as love at the end of the day and consistently look for ways to improve in every aspect possible. I’m a product of inspiration that I openly take from anywhere or anyone and will only continue to examine how I measure up to who I was yesterday.